Our Proposals

Our masterplan will provide:

  • Around 1,300 new homes, ranging from detached riverside houses through to affordable one bedroom apartments.
  • A new community based primary school.
  • A direct link to the River Medway, with a 2.5km riverside path for public use.
  • Over 10 acres of open space across Riverside, including parks, play areas and landscaping.
  • More than 108,000 sq ft of non-residential floorspace, including the exciting Station Square, which forms a gateway to Riverside; the bustling Cory’s Wharf with its Creekside shops and cafés, and the landmark boutique hotel, bar and restaurant on Crane Point

The non-residential accommodation is critical to the success of Riverside. Accordingly, Phase One of the regeneration will include a convenience store, gym, retail unit, offices, pharmacy, dentist, health centre, nursery, primary school and hotel, restaurant/bar, with further retail units and hotel to follow in later phases.

It is in our view important that facilities on this scale are provided from the outset in order to attract potential home owners on a significant scale. Many of these facilities will also attract visitors who may already be visiting Rochester and will now extend their stay.

We held an exhibition to display our vision to local residents on the 6th September. To view the exhibition boards from the public consultation please
click here.

Rochester Riverside map
Proposed masterplan